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  1. yourmiss

    @ArtimusClyde What exactly caused that? Half of my lists are gone, too. Heck, some I’d just watched a few days prior with recent uploads and still had open in a tab were purged. Never did figure out what happened.

  2. tammybbcwhore

    So does this mean I’m gonna come without touching myself or she is

  3. fedequax

    Grabe babe gumawa akong account for you, the best yung ungol mo nilabasan ako ng dalawang beses. Sarap mong kainin pag ganyan ka umungol.nginig nginig din ako e sumabay ako nung nilabasan ka. Saraap sobra. Lagi ako nanunuod ng videos nyo. Sarapan mo pa ha. Bigkasin mo naman name ko pag lalabasan kana. Wanna eat you babe.